What can do Peymartex for your Company?

Textile Machinery and Know-how technology for the Textile Industry

We project new lines supplying as well the necessary equipment, keys on hand or just delivered to customer, combining new and used equipment and/or supply full complete lines with used or with new machinery. We study your needs and propose the best option, converting your existing lines or developing projects for new lines.

Let us know if you are looking for any other equipment not listed. We´ll be pleased to know about your projects and hope we can help you.

Inform us about any machines you want to sell, think may be someone can be interested and you can take profit of an obsolete equipment.

Visit us at www.peymartex.es

Enlace a la lista de maquinaria en español   Lista de Maquinaria Textil de Ocasión

Link to the list of current machines available   Used Textile Machinery List

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Phone + 34 93 7806026         Email: peymar@peymartex.es               www.peymartex.es