Heavy Density Fabric PreNeedleLoom HDF-PNL by NWT&T



Heavy Density Fabric PNL preneedleloom is  built with heavy duty steel reinforced frames and its easy fingers´ type feeder system allows webfibers to get easily in the needling area. The covergent compressing batt feeding entrance is made with antistatic PVC belts.

The easy bed and stripper plates fixing and regulation systems saves time and procure quick adjustment of deepness and results to get the right stripping and best entangling of fibers.

Independent syncronized driving calenders´rolls devices for feeding the batt into the needling area and pulling the needled fabric out.

NWT PNL 270 (15)                                         NWT PNL 270 (16)

Equipped with PLC device can be parametrized according to any product customizing its working sytem to each customer´s need.

It has been built in different widths from 2.000 mm to 4.000 mm width of table boards, however it can be customized for your wider needs as well as for laboratory if required.

SEW brand motor and moto-reductor units, drive all different elements those have to be independently governed…

NWT PNL 270 (2)          NWT PNL 270 (11)

All above and more reasons made the NWT HDF-PNL  loom, the best solution on easy work, easy maintenance, quick amortization and high standards results on quality products. It ensures a good preneedled fabric to be processed on highspeed needlelooms in line place after it.

NWT PNL 270 (14)          NWT PNL 270 (9)

The NWT HDF-PNL  loom is fully built in the UE and complies with all European Regulations CE.

NWT PNL 270 (17)                                     NWT PNL 270 (1)

The NWT   HDF-PNL  is already installed in different type production lines spread in 4 Continents except Australia, producing several products for different sectors as: mattress, insulation, upholstery, furnishing, automotive, polishing materials, paddings, agrotex, transporting protection, blankets, geotextiles, quilts, shoes,  homedecoration, etc… processing natural and manmade fibers as well as their blends.