NO.1  Bale opener made by MASIAS model ABRICARD 1500, 1500 mm width

NO.1  Hopper feeder with silo made by MASIAS with dosifying rollers and volumetric feeder, 2500 mm width

NO.1 Carding machine made by MASIAS model CA25-50-100, 2500 mm width, with feeding rolls, breast opener with 1 couple of worker & stripper, transfer roll, swift with 4 couples of workers and strippers, doffer and fast take up roll fiberweb system

NO.1 Crosslapper made by GUASCH model SV90, 2500 mm useful entry width & 2400 useful outfold width

NO.1 Slitting unit  with circular blades, independent  powered to cut made by GUASCH, , suitable to get 1, 2, 3 and/or 4 different rolls or pillows

NO.1 Tearing calender t otear/cut up the lappedfiberweb when programmed weight is reached to produce the pillows made by GUASCH, useful width2400 mm

NO.1 Automatic weigying and rolling up unit to measure the weight of lapped fiberweb to make the rolled pillows made by MANES, 2400 mm width, Automatic autolevelling control of gramage by means of PLC

NO.1 Exit conveyor to receive the rolled pillows and transport on to the automatic filling machine

NO.1 Automatic  filling machine for different sizes of pillows, to introduce the fiberlapped fiberweb roll into a pillowcase


NO.1 Automatic pillow encloser sewing machine made by AKAB model AK234, exit with conveyor to take the pillow finished on to a second autofiller if need.


NO.1 Automatic filling machine for different sizes of pillows, to introduce the already pillow made into the second pillowcase or into a polyethylene bag

NO.1 Automatic pressing unit to press the pillow and take the air


NO.1  Full automatic pillow wrapper machine  for different size pillows made by MERELLO, model ME-305,  making the bag from a polyethylene tube coil.  Equipped with a printer for merge and/or other shift details, etc…

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